Numeri (di)vini: 3,3 million dollars. The amount of money allocated by the NY state for the building of a viticulture center at the Cornell Agricultural and Geneva Park Food Technology. The training center will be ready in fall 2013.   -    Numeri (di)vini: The third hall of bilogical wine of Pamplona, Spain, has become a true reference point for bio-wines in all Europe. Rising production despite the economical crisis.   -    Numeri (di)vini: The italian wine market is recovering, thanks specially to exporting. Despite the economical crisis, the business activities have risen of 7% in 2011.   -    Events: Fattoria Bini in America (NY, 16th april – SF 18th april) with Consorzio Chianti to present itself to the company’s presses and the new vintages.   -    Events: At Volta mantovana, (28th april -1st may) the National showcase for passiti wines and meditation types. On the counter South Africa’s wines, too.   -    Events: from 21th april, Fattoria Bini will be present at Florence’s Fiera dell’artigianato.   -    Wine and culture: Wine for Art- Wine for Mart is the triennial project that binds Trento and Rovereto’s Contemporary Art Museum to the House of Wine. Every year a new theme will be choosen to create the label. In 2012 the theme is MART’s tenth anniversary.   -    Beer and surroundings: Great news to Cerere’s supporters: an American study reveals that beer makes men more creative and smarter. 40 subjects participated to the test.   -   
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We are currently present in the markets of Japan, Brazil, Texas, Ohio, Quebec, Switzerland.

Write us for more information.

The products

Our production offers high quality red and white wines (Supertuscan, Riserve), Vin Santo and various extra virgin olive oil varieties. Everything is directly produced in the company.

The careful selection and our capable and passionate employees make sure that every bottle that leaves the cellar of Bini’s Farm represents a small jewel.


Our wine production offers different kinds of products: between the four red wines (Chianti, Chianti Riserva and two IGT Toscana) the one who stands out regarding the importance is our “Terrajo” which owes its name from the historical site of Fattoria; then the two white wines: “Albicante”, our white IGT, and the "Duecentodieci" IGT, 100% Chardonnay.

The training system is the “Guyot”, the most traditional form used in Tuscany which suits and adapts best to climatic conditions of the vineyard of our company: with this training system we are able to contain the productions in order to bring in our farm cellar high quality grapes.

Chianti DOCG Chianti Riserva - DOCG Gheppio - IGT Toscana Red Terrajo - IGT Toscana Red Albicante - IGT Toscana White Duecentodieci - IGT Toscana White Chardonnay    

Passiti and distilled wines

Our Vin Santo, a traditional tuscan passito, is produced with a hard selection of the best grapes of Trebbiano, San Colombano and Malvasia varieties. Once harvested, are laid on wooden mats to dry. The dried grapes are pressed, and the obtained must is aged for at least 5 years in special oak kegs named "caratelli".

65 Lune - Vinsanto del Chianti DOC        


Thanks to the great passion for olives that always accompanied the history of our company, we produce three different olive oil varieties (100% Italiano, IGP Toscano, Monocultivar Frantoio). The extra-virgin olive oils are obtained by “cold pressing” of the olives collected from the company olive trees and pressed within 24 hours from collection to maintain its organoleptic characteristics.

The final products are very high quality, great to exalt both simple and complex dishes.

100% Italian Extra-virgin Olive oil IGP Tuscan Extra-virgin Olive oil Olio Extravergine di oliva Monocultivar Frantoio      

Wine tastings and sales

The Fattoria Bini offers tastings of its products at “Botteghina” of Borgo San Giusto with specific combinations designed to meet the needs of those with “taste” and culture in the area of wine and oil.

By booking at the Botteghina you’ll have the opportunity to choose between various tastings, from a simple taste of our products to a combination with local gastronomical delicacies.

In order to buy our products you can contact us directly or come to the Botteghina of Borgo San Giusto.

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