Numeri (di)vini: 3,3 million dollars. The amount of money allocated by the NY state for the building of a viticulture center at the Cornell Agricultural and Geneva Park Food Technology. The training center will be ready in fall 2013.   -    Numeri (di)vini: The third hall of bilogical wine of Pamplona, Spain, has become a true reference point for bio-wines in all Europe. Rising production despite the economical crisis.   -    Numeri (di)vini: The italian wine market is recovering, thanks specially to exporting. Despite the economical crisis, the business activities have risen of 7% in 2011.   -    Events: Fattoria Bini in America (NY, 16th april – SF 18th april) with Consorzio Chianti to present itself to the company’s presses and the new vintages.   -    Events: At Volta mantovana, (28th april -1st may) the National showcase for passiti wines and meditation types. On the counter South Africa’s wines, too.   -    Events: from 21th april, Fattoria Bini will be present at Florence’s Fiera dell’artigianato.   -    Wine and culture: Wine for Art- Wine for Mart is the triennial project that binds Trento and Rovereto’s Contemporary Art Museum to the House of Wine. Every year a new theme will be choosen to create the label. In 2012 the theme is MART’s tenth anniversary.   -    Beer and surroundings: Great news to Cerere’s supporters: an American study reveals that beer makes men more creative and smarter. 40 subjects participated to the test.   -   
Villa il Terraio Corn thrashing Memorium of The Blessed Umiliana De’Cerchi


Fattoria Bini links its history to that of the Grand Dukedom of Tuscany.
And in the historical period by Pietro Leopoldo (1765\1790) to Leopoldo II of Lorraine the Bini family, originating in Livorno, began to devote himself to agriculture.

Mariano, originally wine merchant in 1789, he moved to Empoli where he bought small farms using the latest techniques of Cosimo Ridolfi for reorganization.

To 1880 was the purchase of farms and Terraio Villa built from historic Florentine family De’Cerchi in the early sixteenth century.

Received in 2011 from Regione Toscana and Unioncamere Toscana the award of Tuscan Historical Company
Historical Company Seal

Italian Terraio style garden Farm employees at Terraio Church Paola and Carla Bini - 1940 Corn thrashing Memento with donkey Corn thrashing
Livestock fair at Empoli - 1950 Livestock fair at Empoli - 1950 Corn thrashing Villa il Terraio - postcard Boulevard leading to Borgo San Giusto Memento Empoli football club - 1950
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